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Antenna jack repair on a large 50″ television

A local customer stopped by the store distressed after his dog got tangled up in his television cabling and broke the antenna port off his expensive tv.  He asked if we could repair such a thing or if he was looking for a new television set.  We asked him to bring in the television so we could take a look.

After removing the main board from the televisions we inspected the damage to the jack and board.


Yes it was definitely broken.  Originally these have a center lead that carries the signal to the antenna board with outside of the jack welded and grounded to the metal shield.

We unsoldered the shielding and antenna daughterboard.  We then removed the broken center pin from the daughterboard, replaced it with a flexible lead from the daughterboard to the center pin on the jack.  We then cleaned up the old solder around the jack and straightened the damaged shielding.  Refitted the antenna port and soldered the jack to the shield.

Good as new!


If your television suffers an accident and need repaired, visit us at Discount Computer Warehouse to see if we can save your television as well.  Or give us a call at 219-325-9734.

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