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Cellular phone Taboos

Cellular phone Taboos Are you an abuser? This does not describe whether you are a drug user, a dealer or something of that sort. It was a frightening concern, wasn't it? Well, this is in fact referring to your things and gizmos and on whether you are taking good care of them or not. You…
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Ipad 4th Generation Mainboard Home Button Connector Replacement

Yesterday we received an iPad 4th Generation tablet in for repair. A customer watched some YouTube videos and thought they could replace the digitizer (glass) themselves. During the process they managed to destroy the mainboard connector for the Home button. They contacted us via Facebook messenger asking if we had the connector and if we…
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Antenna jack repair on a large 50″ television

A local customer stopped by the store distressed after his dog got tangled up in his television cabling and broke the antenna port off his expensive tv.  He asked if we could repair such a thing or if he was looking for a new television set.  We asked him to bring in the television so…
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Signs your hard drive might be failing

If your hard drive is going bad, chances are strange things are happening and you’re a little panicked. It’s where you put your digital memories, your household files and maybe that thesis you’ve been working on for months. As far as you’re concerned, that hard drive IS the computer and failure is not an option.…
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