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Computer Repair

Discount Computer Warehouse technicians have been in the desktop computer repair business since 1989. Although computer hardware has changed dramatically over the years, DCW’s business philosophy is still the same; offer the best computer repair service at a reasonable price. We take time to listen to our customers and do the job right the first time. Most importantly we understand nobody likes to make return trips to get a computer repaired that wasn’t fixed correctly the first time.

Computer repairs can be broken down into essentially two categories, software repairs and hardware repairs. These two categories aren’t exclusive of each other. Computer hardware failures often cause software errors. Software problems can cause issues with the computer hardware as well. A good technician will pose plenty of questions to a customer to determine whether he’s up against a hardware problem or software problem.

Computer hardware failures result in symptoms such as, the computer doesn’t turn on or the computer turns on but there is nothing on the screen. Other such symptoms are, my computer won’t read CDs, play sounds or connect to the Internet. Of course many of these conditions can also be caused by software driver issues or even viruses. Our technicians isolate the computer hardware from the software and run a battery of hardware tests to confirm the computer is in good mechanical condition before going any further. Repairing a software problem on a computer with a failing hard drive, bad memory module or a defective processor will just return again with more software problems. The most common computer hardware failures we see, are hard drive errors, RAM memory errors and motherboard component failure.

Computer software problems are much more difficult to track down and repair. Many times they’re intermittent and occur so quickly that technicians must depend on error log reporting to get a glimpse of what happened.   Not all software incorporates error reporting making the task even more difficult when a problem arises. The most common software errors we see at Discount Computer Warehouse are broken Windows updates, malware installation and virus infections. Oftentimes we see all 3 on the computer repair. Most of the malware and virus infections we see at the shop could have been prevented by a good Internet Security program. Today many people rely on free anti-virus and malware programs which only provide a false sense of security. Malware and virus writers also use these same free programs as test-beds to make sure their programs can’t be detected or if they are detected, can’t be removed. Today consumers need a good paid software security solution if they’re going to be on the Internet.

Discount Computer Warehouse technicians are well trained and educated on computer repair. Most technicians have many years of experience and a minimum of CompTIA A+ technician certification. Whether your computer has a hardware issue, an infection or a software problem our technicians will quickly scan, diagnose and contact you with an estimate. Once we have your approval they’ll quickly perform your computer repair and get you back up and running. Call Discount Computer Warehouse in LaPorte, Indiana today for all your computer repair needs at 219-325-9734