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Ipad 4th Generation Mainboard Home Button Connector Replacement

Yesterday we received an iPad 4th Generation tablet in for repair. A customer watched some YouTube videos and thought they could replace the digitizer (glass) themselves. During the process they managed to destroy the mainboard connector for the Home button. They contacted us via Facebook messenger asking if we had the connector and if we could replace this. We found a donor iPad 4th generation and asked them to bring it in. Here is what he brought us:

It wasn't pretty and the plastic was very soft, too much heat and we would melt the speaker connector as well.

Closer examination showed dried glue all over this connector area.  Uggh...

We removed all the dried glue, removed the broken connector, cleaned up the solder pads and applied some UV mask in areas where the mainboard conformal coating was scraped away.

A good used jack from a donor board installed and soldered to the iPad 4th generation mainboard.  Temperature control was very critical, too hot and the plastic melts, too cold and the solder doesn't adhere.

Popped open the clasp to touch up the anchors and make sure all the pins are still aligned correctly.  We applied a little more UV coating to insulate areas where the conformal coating was scratched away.  Cleaned up the flux in the area and tested the connector.  Home button works again!

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