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PS4 HDMI Port Replacement

A common repair in our shop is replacing a damaged PS4 HDMI Port.  We've seen damage to these ports ranging from wires pushed out the back of the PS4 port all the way to the port completely ripped off the mainboard taking the solder pads with it.  The typical symptom your PS4 HDMI port is damaged is the machine powers on correctly to the white light yet your television says, "No input signal".  Oftentimes you can take a magnifying glass or jeweler's loupe to inspect the port and see wires missing, smashed or pushed through the back of the port.

wires pushed out the back ps4 port

wires pushed out the back of the ps4 hdmi port

Although it seems possible to just push the wires back into the port this is only a temporary solution.  The ports have plastic molded "tabs" with this wires having arrow shaped "hooks".  When the wires push through the back of the port the tabs are no longer holding the hooks and with repeated plugging and unplugging of the HDMI cable they will push through the back of the port once again.  Another risk ,not to be overlooked, is sometimes when those wires push through the port they short and ruin the HDMI controller IC adding to the cost of the PS4 HDMI port repair.

If your PS4 HDMI port looks like this picture you have wires pushed through the back of the port and have wires smashed into the port.  Do not power on the PS4 until you have the port replaced as you could damage the PS4 HDMI controller IC.

damaged ps4 port internal

damaged ps4 port with wires pushed out the back and smashed inside

While we love to help do-it-yourselfers repair their own equipment, this isn't a repair most DIY'rs can perform without special equipment.  The PS4 board is very thick and requires a lot of heat to remove the port.  The heat has to be narrowly focused to not damage other small SMD components in the area. Too much heat will damage or remove the small SMD components, too little heat and you'll pull the small solder pads off the mainboard for the HDMI port.  Do not try this repair at home, you've been warned.

This is the mainboard after removing the above damaged HDMI port.  Each of those small silver tabs are separate solder pads.  When a new jack is installed one wire will be soldered to each.  The larger 4 holes are the PS4 HDMI port anchor holes.  Cleaning those and applying fresh solder will keep the port solidly attached to the mainboard.  The small black rectangles are the small SMD chips that can be easily damaged or blown off the mainboard with too much heat.

ps4 port removed with pads and anchor holes cleaned

ps4 port removed with pads and anchor holes cleaned - small SMDs nearby

Here we've soldered on a new PS4 HDMI port using an improved HDMI port with a solid backing that won't allow wires to come out the back like the original port did.  While these new style HDMI ports are twice the cost of cheaper replacement HDMI ports, they withstand much more abuse and rarely fail.  The labor involved in replacing one of these ports is the major cost, spending an extra $10 for a high quality port only makes good sense.

new high quality ps4 hdmi port soldered on

new high quality ps4 hdmi port with solid back soldered on

Here is an inside view of the PS4 HDMI port after repair.  Again with the solid backing on the high quality PS4 ports we use, there is no chance the wires will push out the back again.  It should be mentioned, these HDMI ports are still fragile and breakable.  The solid backing fixes the common problem of wires being pushed out the back of the port, the ports can still be ripped off the board or have the internal shelf broken.  Never force an HDMI cable into the jack.  Always keep your PS4 HDMI cables out of walking areas to avoid tripping or getting stepped on.

internal view of new HDMI port

internal view of new HDMI port

If you need your PS4 HDMI port repaired or replaced visit our store or give us a call at 219-325-9734  Our microsoldering experts have the experience and equipment to repair your PS4 game console.


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