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iPhone and iPad Lightning Port Charging Problems

Are you having trouble charging your iPhone or iPad device using your lightning charging cable?  You’re not alone.  Before you toss out your lightning cable or make plans to replace your phone you should stop by Discount Computer Warehouse for a free inspection and cleaning of your lightning port.  Bring your charger and cable as well and we’ll make sure both are in good working order delivering the voltage and amperage your Apple device demands.

Oftentimes people believe their battery has gone bad or the phone has internal damage when all that is wrong is the lightning port has filled with debris. It is almost impossible to inspect without a good microscope and bright light.  The last thing you want to do is jam a toothpick or dental pick in the port as there are very thin contact wires that can be easily damaged.  With the aid of a microscope, Discount Computer technicians can accurately pick out the dust bunnies, clean and realign the contact pins on your iPhone lightning port as well as your iPad lightning port.

We will also test your internal battery checking the number of battery cycles and age of your battery.  We recommend replacing your battery after 600 cycles or when it reaches less than 85% of life expectancy.  Worn batteries can cause all sorts of strange things with your iPhone or iPad.

Another common charging problem with iPhones and iPads are defective charging blocks and bad lightning cables.  While these can look to be in good shape, if their voltage and amperage aren’t within working tolerance the iPhone and iPad will exhibit charging issues.  Issues such as iPhone slow charging, iPhone not charging up completely or simply your phone or iPad doesn’t charge at all.  These all can be caused by a faulty charging block, lightning cable or dirty lightning port.

The first step in analyzing an iPhone or iPad that doesn’t charge correctly is to clean and test the lightning port, charging block and lightning cable.  We do this service free of charge, as a courtesy for our customers while you wait.  If your device continues to have problems we have a full service electronic lab in our shop capable of diagnosing and providing you with a complete estimate to repair your phone’s charging problem.  Common internal faults affecting the iPhones and iPads are bad batteries, bad charging ports and sometimes bad charging ICs.  Our electronic repair shop has plenty of experience accurately diagnosing and repairing iPhones and iPad battery and charging issues.

If your phone isn’t charging correctly or isn’t holding a charge for very long then bring it by our store for a free cleaning and inspection to see if that is all that is needed.  If anything further is required will give you a detailed estimate and seek your approval before doing any work.  You don’t need an appointment for a free cleaning and inspection and most of the time we can get you in and out in under 15 minutes.  Visit us today if your phone isn’t behaving as it should.

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